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You have worked hard to generate some level of wealth through earning an income. This is probably the most common way to make money. Earning an income as an employee or a business owner makes sense. But what if you were able to take some of that hard-earned income and invest your money to get it generating even more value and wealth over time? It is never too early or too late to start investing and there are a variety of investment products to help you build wealth and create the life you have envisioned for you and your family.

Latitude Wealth has strategies, processes, and technologies to maximize your financial potential.

Understanding The Barriers To Investment

There are many reasons people do not invest:

  • Lack Of Knowledge And Confidence: Investing can be intimidating. It can seem like investing is best left to the professionals; people with a solid understanding of the markets, those who know when to buy and sell, those with insight into the next big thing. 
  • Fear Of Losing Money: Stories abound of investors who have lost everything. When you have worked hard to accumulate a bit of wealth, the risk may not seem to outweigh the benefits of investing.
  • Financial Scarcity: When you feel like you are barely making ends meet, it is easy to believe that investing is not an option for you. 
  • Shortage Of Time: Many people believe that investing will take a lot of time and energy. If life is already busy, carving out time to manage an investment portfolio is a definite barrier.
  • Misplaced Urgency: When you have pressing needs or spending priorities, it can seem more urgent to buy a new car or take a vacation now and revisit investing down the road.

Identifying the underlying beliefs that are preventing you from exploring the benefits of a robust investment portfolio can open the door for building your personal wealth. Our savvy investment advisors at Latitude Wealth can help you create a vision for your financial future and guide you with concrete strategies to get there.


The Benefits of Our Partnership

When you make the choice to partner with Latitude Wealth to build your investment and insurance portfolios you make the choice for a clear and simple approach to wealth management. We stand for integrity, clarity, transparency, and trust. We build strong and lasting relationships with our clients and our industry partners to ensure that we can offer comprehensive and effective strategies to establish robust wealth and protect everything and everyone you hold dear.

Clear & Simple Solutions For Businesses and Individuals

Latitude Wealth is committed to helping our clients navigate the ever-changing landscape of investing and insurance. Proven strategies and intelligent technologies allow us to provide sound solutions for Businesses and Individuals. Our service-based model fosters strong relationships with our clients helping us help you meet your financial objectives.

Contact Latitude Wealth to unlock your financial potential today.


Why Invest?

Any time is the right time to begin building your investment portfolio. Our skilled investment advisors can customize an investment strategy that works within your budget and your timelines to achieve your financial goals. We have the solutions that:

  • Educate: Let us share our expertise and experience managing a variety of investment portfolios so you are fully aware of where your dollars are and how your investments are performing.
  • Manage Risk: There are a variety of investment products at every level of risk. We can help you design a balanced portfolio that optimizes your investment dollars while offering comfortable predictability of performance.
  • Find The Funds: Even if you think you have no available cash flow to invest, our advisors can help you explore your overall financial health and discover funds for investing you may not have even considered.
  • Administer Your Portfolio: If the anticipated time requirements of managing your portfolio are holding you back from investing, let the team at Latitude Wealth administer your portfolio for you. We operate with complete transparency and honesty so you can reap the investment rewards without the drain on your valuable time. 
  • Improve Overall Financial Health: If pressing expenses or goals for accumulating material wealth are preventing you from investing, our advisors can help you design a financial plan that lets you pay off debt and enjoy life’s luxuries with the proceeds of a robust investment portfolio.

Our team of leading advisors is ready to help you build your wealth and achieve financial freedom with a personalized investment plan that takes all aspects of your lifestyle, financial health, personal values, vision, and goals into consideration. Here are the categories of investments we will use to build your portfolio:

  • Registered: A Registered Investment is pre-approved by the CRA providing tax shelter or tax deferment. Income earned may never be subject to taxation or taxation is deferred until withdrawal. These investments include RRSP, RESP, and TFSA.
  • Non Registered: These are taxable investments without contribution limits that offer flexible liquidity.
  • Segregated Funds: This product offers the benefits of an insured risk with investment growth.
Personalized Investment Management

Latitude Wealth is uniquely positioned to consult, advise, manage, and support you as you realize your financial goals with the creation of a completely personalized investment strategy. Build your wealth and find your financial freedom with our promise to help you navigate the investment landscape with knowledgeable processes, thoughtful advice, and proven solutions. We are here to help you take the first step to your financial future.

Celebrating Success

Our success as an organization is directly relative to the success of the relationships we cultivate with our most valued asset; our clients. We take pride whenever we can empower a client to meet their personal objectives. Here is how we have guided some of our client partners to achieving their own financial freedom and security.

Seeking Inspired Advisors For Our Family

We are looking to build our community of skilled and knowledgeable advisors. If you are focused on creating lasting client relationships within a supportive environment that fosters growth and development and celebrates your every success, contact Latitude Wealth to explore our advisor partnership opportunities.

We are committed to providing our advisors with the most current tools and strategies to nurture their professional growth.


Your Partners In Smart Investing

Don’t let the fear of poor investment decisions hold you back from realizing your dreams of financial security and success. Today is the best day to begin building your wealth. Optimize your investment dollars to provide yourself and your loved ones with the means to live the best life today and ensure your portfolio will continue to support your investment goals and provide through all of your tomorrows.

Connect with Latitude Wealth and explore our strategies for a robust and completely customized investment strategy today. Financial freedom is within your reach.

What To Expect

The journey to financial freedom and the ability to provide for and protect your loved ones is complex. Our team at Latitude Wealth aims to simplify your travels with thoughtful consideration, sound advice, and proven strategies. Here is our process to guiding you to the good life, click each icon to learn more.

Solution Strategies
Solution Strategies
Review & Adjust
Review & Adjust

An intensive discovery process will help us uncover your financial goals, personal values, security needs, and lifestyle habits. Each client presents a unique story of financial health, family dynamics, risk aversion, and a vision for their own definition of financial success. We can ask the right questions to help create a detailed picture of your current status and future objectives to ensure that we can completely personalize a strategy for you.

With all of the information gathered in the discovery process our knowledgeable advisors can begin to create a customized solution that will allow you to achieve every one of your goals for building and protecting your wealth. We will take into consideration every product available and design a bespoke solution to allow you to begin living your best life right away and safeguarding that lifestyle for you and your loved ones in the years ahead.

Our productive and enduring relationships with our trusted industry partners provide us with the means to quickly and efficiently implement the strategies tailored for you. Our network of insurance providers, investment services, legal counsel, and accounting professionals will mobilize to roll out and administer your solutions efficiently so you can begin to enjoy the benefits of your investment and insurance management program as soon as possible.

Our responsibility to you does not end with the signing of a document. We are committed to seeing you through every step of your journey to financial freedom and beyond. We promise to routinely assess the performance of your portfolio, recommend emerging tools, and adjust our strategies for you to optimize your finances, protect your wealth, and guarantee maximum returns. Our commitment to you is a commitment for a lifetime.

Related Services

When you join the Latitude Wealth family, you leverage our years of experience and skilled insight into strong insurance and investment portfolios for businesses and individuals. With our methodically curated catalogue of products, tools, and strategies we can provide solutions tailored just for you to guide you to achieving your financial objectives.

Investments: Frequently Asked Questions

Your ideal nest egg is determined by your age at retirement, lifestyle expectations, dependants, current and future income, and available years of investing. Our advisors can help you design an investment portfolio to ensure you can enjoy your golden years.
The best investment is one that helps you reach your goals while considering your tolerance for risk. After our initial consultation and assessment of your investment objectives, we might recommend Segregated Funds. This type of investment product can play an important role in your portfolio because it:
  • Is creditor protected
  • Guarantees your principal
  • Can bypass estate fees upon death
There are many aspects to consider when designing a complete and thorough financial plan. An advisor should understand your current financial health, your motivations for investings, your goals, and your values. Our team at Latitude Wealth will ask the right questions to allow us to create a comprehensive investment strategy to meet you where you are and take you to where you want to be.

Explore Wealth With Latitude

Explore Wealth With Latitude

At Latitude Wealth we are driven to provide the most effective solutions for investment and insurance prosperity for every one of our clients. If you are interested in exploring the opportunities to gain financial freedom and build health and wealth for your family and the generations that follow, connect with our team of advisors and access strategies customized perfectly for you.

Your Guides To Financial Freedom

Latitude Wealth is helping you navigate the complex landscape of insurance and investment management. Build your wealth, safeguard your investments, and protect and provide for those most important to you. Create, Secure, and Live your best life with the guidance of the trusted advisors at Latitude Wealth. Contact our skilled team to explore the most ideal strategies for your financial health.

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