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Estate Planning

Protect Your Assets. Protect Your Future.

Estate Planning

When life is rolling along and everything is going well, Estate Planning may be the furthest thing from your mind. It can be messy and scary and it involves difficult discussions with the ones you love. Death is an uncomfortable topic and it is easy to procrastinate when its inevitability seems so far away. But when it is your goal to build effective financial health, Estate Planning is a crucial component to protecting your wealth and your family.

Latitude Wealth is here to help you understand your options and implement strategies to provide security.

Barriers To Estate Planning

There are several reasons people avoid estate planning including:

  • Age: Youth and its characteristic sentiment of invincibility often lead to the procrastination of estate planning.
  • Size of Estate: There is a widespread belief that estate planning is only for the super-wealthy and those with abundant assets.
  • Perception of Complexity: Many people, regardless of their financial savvy, perceive estate planning as complicated, confusing, and intimidating.
  • Cost Aversion: Some people do not want to expend large amounts of money on something with an intangible value, especially when there are pressing financial obligations today.
Why It Is So Important

The importance of Estate Planning cannot be understated. The benefits of Estate Planning include: 

  • The Means To Provide: Allocate your wealth to ensure your family is taken care of after you are gone.
  • Maintain Family Dynamics: Without a will and guardian arrangement, children could end up in foster care or with a default caretaker. And without designated executors, important decisions could be made by the courts.
  • Create Generational Wealth: With thoughtful planning, your hard work to accumulate wealth during your lifetime can benefit your offspring and heirs. 
  • Settle Debts and Tax Arrears: Without a strategy to settle outstanding debt, your beneficiaries could be obligated to pay.
  • Create a Legacy: Support a favourite charity or establish a scholarship fund with the assets of your estate.
  • Protect Your Business: Guarantee the resiliency of your operations with strategies to protect assets, partners, and other stakeholders in the case of your death.
  • Plan For Retirement or Disability: Not all the benefits of Estate Planning are for after your death. There are options to provide for yourself and your loved ones after retirement or in the case of injury and illness


The Benefits of Our Partnership

When you make the choice to partner with Latitude Wealth to build your investment and insurance portfolios you make the choice for a clear and simple approach to wealth management. We stand for integrity, clarity, transparency, and trust. We build strong and lasting relationships with our clients and our industry partners to ensure that we can offer comprehensive and effective strategies to establish robust wealth and protect everything and everyone you hold dear.

Clear & Simple Solutions For Businesses and Individuals

Latitude Wealth is committed to helping our clients navigate the ever-changing landscape of investing and insurance. Proven strategies and intelligent technologies allow us to provide sound solutions for Businesses and Individuals. Our service-based model fosters strong relationships with our clients helping us help you meet your financial objectives.

Contact Latitude Wealth to unlock your financial potential today.


Thoughtful Thorough Estate Planning

Our team of compassionate and skilled advisors can collaborate with your existing legal and accounting providers to ensure that every i is dotted and every t is crossed. Or we can connect you to our most trusted partners to provide the most comprehensive solutions in Estate Planning. Our strategies include:

  • Wills & Estate Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Trust Planning

With years of experience guiding our clients to create robust estate plans as part of their total financial health, we can help you determine which end-of-life solutions are ideal for you. Creating a plan for your family and your wealth after you are gone is not an easy journey to take, but we will stand beside you as you make certain you are as thoughtful and loving in your death as you are in your life.

Celebrating Success

Our success as an organization is directly relative to the success of the relationships we cultivate with our most valued asset; our clients. We take pride whenever we can empower a client to meet their personal objectives. Here is how we have guided some of our client partners to achieving their own financial freedom and security.

Seeking Inspired Advisors For Our Family

We are looking to build our community of skilled and knowledgeable advisors. If you are focused on creating lasting client relationships within a supportive environment that fosters growth and development and celebrates your every success, contact Latitude Wealth to explore our advisor partnership opportunities.

We are committed to providing our advisors with the most current tools and strategies to nurture their professional growth.


The Latitude Solutions For Estate Planning

A comprehensive Estate Plan will address all aspects of financial wealth, personal directives, and insurance benefits. Our team of supportive and caring advisors at Latitude Wealth can guide you with compassion and meticulousness to incorporate the most thoughtful and intelligent tools and strategies to protect your estate and ensure the continued health, comfort, and security of your most valuable asset; your loved ones. Do not let fear of this complex process deter you.

Give yourself and those who mean the most to you the peace of mind knowing that everything will be taken care of. Contact us and secure your estate without delay.

What To Expect

The journey to financial freedom and the ability to provide for and protect your loved ones is complex. Our team at Latitude Wealth aims to simplify your travels with thoughtful consideration, sound advice, and proven strategies. Here is our process to guiding you to the good life, click each icon to learn more.

Solution Strategies
Solution Strategies
Review & Adjust
Review & Adjust

An intensive discovery process will help us uncover your financial goals, personal values, security needs, and lifestyle habits. Each client presents a unique story of financial health, family dynamics, risk aversion, and a vision for their own definition of financial success. We can ask the right questions to help create a detailed picture of your current status and future objectives to ensure that we can completely personalize a strategy for you.

With all of the information gathered in the discovery process our knowledgeable advisors can begin to create a customized solution that will allow you to achieve every one of your goals for building and protecting your wealth. We will take into consideration every product available and design a bespoke solution to allow you to begin living your best life right away and safeguarding that lifestyle for you and your loved ones in the years ahead.

Our productive and enduring relationships with our trusted industry partners provide us with the means to quickly and efficiently implement the strategies tailored for you. Our network of insurance providers, investment services, legal counsel, and accounting professionals will mobilize to roll out and administer your solutions efficiently so you can begin to enjoy the benefits of your investment and insurance management program as soon as possible.

Our responsibility to you does not end with the signing of a document. We are committed to seeing you through every step of your journey to financial freedom and beyond. We promise to routinely assess the performance of your portfolio, recommend emerging tools, and adjust our strategies for you to optimize your finances, protect your wealth, and guarantee maximum returns. Our commitment to you is a commitment for a lifetime.

Related Services

When you join the Latitude Wealth family, you leverage our years of experience and skilled insight into strong insurance and investment portfolios for businesses and individuals. With our methodically curated catalogue of products, tools, and strategies we can provide solutions tailored just for you to guide you to achieving your financial objectives.

Explore Wealth With Latitude

Explore Wealth With Latitude

At Latitude Wealth we are driven to provide the most effective solutions for investment and insurance prosperity for every one of our clients. If you are interested in exploring the opportunities to gain financial freedom and build health and wealth for your family and the generations that follow, connect with our team of advisors and access strategies customized perfectly for you.

Your Guides To Financial Freedom

Latitude Wealth is helping you navigate the complex landscape of insurance and investment management. Build your wealth, safeguard your investments, and protect and provide for those most important to you. Create, Secure, and Live your best life with the guidance of the trusted advisors at Latitude Wealth. Contact our skilled team to explore the most ideal strategies for your financial health.

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